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About Funky Pizza

In May 22, 2010, Laszlo agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. Making the first Bitcoin commercial transaction.

This historic moment and over expensive purchase created a new commemoration, Bitcoin Pizza Day!

This was a pivotal moment for crypto.

As we want to celebrate this moment, it only makes sense to launch on this historic date: 22/05/2022.

We are combining our passions to create a project and a community who loves pizzas, crypto and tech.

Funky Pizza is a NFT collectible of algorithmically generated pizzas, on the Ethereum blockchain.

By owning Funky Pizza you can be part of the community and decide the project future. We will make Funky Pizza part of the pizza culture.

The recipe of the pizzas include different doughs, sauces, cheeses and bunch of funky toppings.

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Developer & Community

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Developer & Gen algorithm

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Developer & Community

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Artist & Designer


pizza on pizzamap
Our tasty Pizzas are in the oven.
Launch our 2205 collectible pizzas. On the Bitcoin pizza day, 22/05/2022.
Make pizza related apps that will increase the value of the brand. Make partnerships with pizza brands.
More pizza
What the community feels right, with pizza of course.
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